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T & C

Terms & Conditions for Holiday Program (Vacation Care):
1. Hours of Operation: Yeladim ELC holiday program operates from 8am to 5:30pm Monday-Friday. Parents will be charged a late collection fee of $15 per 15 minutes if they collect their child after the scheduled finishing time. Parent/Guardian must call the Director if they are running late to reassure their child. If a child is left late at the Centre, every effort will be made to contact the Parent/Guardian or emergency contact person. NOTE: If no contact is made by 5:30pm, Police will be called and the child collected by its officers. Department of Community Services will be notified within 24 hours.
2. Enrolment: Parent/Guardian understands that their child can attend Yeladim ELC holiday program only after receiving a confirmation email of Enrolment and payment. Parent agrees to disclose all relevant information about their child in the Enrolment form and all the information they provide is true and correct. Parents will be able to check the availability of places by phoning the centre 9337 6175 or 0414 969 434 or by emailing
3. Fees: All holiday program fees must be paid in advance of attendance via Bank Transfer from a Bank Account. No refunds of fees, credits or exchanges of days are allowable. As Yeladim ELC is an approved centre, Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate is available to eligible families. Please contact the Family Assistance Office on 13 61 50 for assessment. It is a parent responsibility to advise the centre of the Customer Reference Numbers (CRNs) for the fee paying parent and the children in care.
4. Food: Parent/Guardian must supply lunch and water each day; morning tea, afternoon tea and late snack will be provided by Yeladim ELC each day. Due to being a Kosher centre, supplied lunch should only contain dairy, fish or vegetarian food. NO meat/chicken/pork/ham/seafood is allowed to be brought to the centre. Yeladim ELC has a nutrition policy and encourages healthy eating, therefore children are not to bring any treats such as chewing gum, lollies etc. Yeladim ELC is a nut free environment, therefore nut products or food that contains traces of nuts should not be brought into the centre. It is Parent/Guardians’ responsibility to look at the contents/nutrition label of the products, before packing food to send to the centre. Yeladim ELC staff supervises the children during lunch time and encourages them NOT to share food.
5. Behaviour: Please note that constant inappropriate behaviour after guidance procedures have been followed may result in a child’s exclusion from the program after consultation with the Director/ Nominated Supervisor and the parent.
6. Arrival and Departure: Parent/Guardian is required to sign the child in with the time of arrival and sign the child out with time of collection. Parent/Guardian will let the educators on duty know that their child has arrived before leaving. Written permission with the Parent/Guardian’s signature is required if a child is to be collected by someone else other than the Parent/Guardian. Children will not be released into the care of anyone other than the parent without this written authorisation.
7. Illness/Accident/Medication: Yeladim ELC conducts risk assessments and plans to reduce the risk of accidents and keep your child safe. If a child has an accident and is in need of medical attention, Parent/Guardian gives permission to Yeladim ELC staff to administer appropriate medical attention and first aid, make the child comfortable and contact the child’s Parent/Guardian to collect. In the event of a serious accident, an ambulance will be called and Parent/Guardian will be notified as soon as first aid has been administered. Parent/Guardian also agrees to meet any related expense towards any treatment given to their child. The best place for sick children is at home. If a child is sick in care, for the child’s wellbeing and to prevent spread of infection, the child’s Parent/Guardian will be contacted to collect. If a child suffers from an infectious or contagious disease they will not be able to attend the holiday program, and no refund is provided. Alternative day/s may be offered based on availability of places and staff ratios at a later date but this can only be on a “last minute” basis. Yeladim ELC staff is not allowed to administer medicines under any circumstances without a Medication Permission Form being filled out and signed and dated by the Parent/Guardian. All medicines are to be in the original container, with dosage and within use by date. Medication Permission Forms are available from Yeladim ELC Director. Parent/Guardian must provide their own Epipen at Yeladim ELC if their child has a medical action plan that requires an Epipen to be administered. Parent/Guardian gives permission for their child to participate in all the activities that are provided during the holiday program (such as painting/face painting etc). Yeladim ELC will not take any responsibility in case your child is injured or suffers an allergy reaction due to the use of the different materials provided during the holiday program.
8. Sunscreen: Parent/Guardian is responsible to apply sunscreen to their child prior to their arrival at the centre in the morning and authorise Yeladim ELC staff to apply sunscreen to their child in the afternoon. If a Parent/Guardian forgot to apply it in the morning, then they will be required to do so at the centre on arrival (sunscreen is available at the centre).
9. Photography: Yeladim ELC retains the right to use photographs or video footage of children attending the holiday program for publicity and promotional purposes. Parent/Guardian will inform Yeladim ELC Director prior to the holiday program in writing if their child cannot be photographed.
10. Things to bring/wear:
– Parent/Guardian must ensure their child wears suitably covering clothes, sun hat and shoes that protect their feet; thongs are not allowed.
– Parent/Guardian needs to pack a spare change of clothes in their child’s bag.
– Parent/Guardian is encouraged not to bring any toys to the centre during the holiday program. If you choose to do so, Yeladim ELC takes no responsibility if it is lost or broken.
Yeladim ELC reserves the right to amend Terms & Conditions which will be published on Yeladim ELC website at any time.