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Yeladim Early Learning Centre curriculum encompasses age & stage appropriate learning involving all areas of children’s development such as physical, social, and academic education. We aim to foster creativity, encourage participation in activities, and promote interaction for a unique learning experience. Our mission is to ensure that every child attending Yeladim Early Learning Centre is encouraged to reach their full potential during their time with us. Our Preschool Program fosters the development of each child as we embrace a holistic approach to learning. The day is divided between indoor and outdoor play where the children fulfill their curiosity as they explore and discover the world around them.

Our Readiness Program develops children’s confidence and knowledge of the basic concepts necessary to start Kindergarten with a head start.

This program focuses on the foundational literacy and numeracy skills that are identified in the Australian Curriculum. Each child is assessed to ensure an accurate program is developed for their specific learning needs. Throughout the year, our Preschool Program also provides meaningful experiences derived from children’s interests via intentional teaching and inventive teaching strategies. These experiences cover a wide range of subjects & topics.

We support your child’s learning journey and assist them in getting ready for Kindergarten through exposure to the key learning concepts:

* Families, Friends & Communities

* Diversity, Respect, Culture, Indigenous Heritage & Identity

* Our World, Sustainability, Appreciation, Nature, Animals & the Environment

* Science, Design/Build, Experimentation,& Problem Solving

* Cooperation, Identity, Confidence & Emotions

* Physical Activity, My Body, Health & Safety

* Positive Relationships, Manners & Courtesy

* Art, Creativity, Visual Expression, Design & Imagination (cutting, drawing, name writing, pencil grip)

* Music and It’s Elements, Movement & Creative Expression

* Self-help, Independence & Life skills

* Meaningful Communication (talk/listen/respond), Instruction & Language, group interaction, “Show & Tell” experience (asking and answering questions)

* Literacy (Pre Reading, Pre Writing &Conversation, “Home Readers”)

* Mathematics, Currency, Time & Numeracy (letter and number recognition)

* Symbolism, Patterns & Memory

* Geography, History, Local National & International News

* Informative Technology, Communicative Media, Natural & Processed Materials

* General – Day, Week, Month, Year, Weather, Seasons, Descriptive